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A Word of Encouragement

written by WeTriumph September 26, 2018

A little Wednesday Word of Encouragement-

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need a little nudge of encouragement, and today was a day that I offered  and received some in the same phone call and it was like honey on my toast. This is my phone call to you:

We are all so BUSSSSSYYYYYYY. So divided by our responsibilities being Wonder Women; giving our best at work (and we know that we have to be better than men in many cases), or in work at home with our many unpaid jobs, or as entrepreneurs juggling a sphere of blurred balls in the air trying to make it look effortless, raising human beings to become good, kind, well-adjusted people with dreams and goals, (that is a miracle right there), being good spouses, partners, daughters, sisters, friends, protectors of humanity, advocates for justice, leaders of the new world, and so on, and so on, (exhausted?) and so on.

My point in this verbose intro is this; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and under-encouraged at times. We forget to really look at how we are investing ourselves with our hearts, spirits, and our energy, focusing only on outcomes, and this can lead to feeling a little inadequate or even like failures at times. Me Non! (French for No, no, no no!)

Listen to me girlfriend, you are truly remarkable just as you are. We must offer ourselves the GRACE to just be and accept good enough because balance, although a beautiful ideal, really is imbalanced expectation. Life with all of our responsibilities is really about making  trade-offs and compromises. Everything can’t be the priority, only one thing can be a priority at a time is. So, breathe and give yourself the grace to say, “Today my good enough in this area looks like this,- it was absolute crap, but it won’t always be that way, and today I focused more on this area because it was more of a priority.” Good. Brush your hands together and let the crumbs fall.

Remember who you are at your core. Your heart. Your spirit. Your empathy and your compassion. These are the things that truly matter. You may have screwed something up at work (I once sent an email about drinking margaritas the night before to an entire school including administration- still laugh at that one), you may have yelled at your kids out of fatigue and feel horrible, you may have blown your daily goals and feel dejected, but YOU are still YOU in your heart and spirit, and that is gorgeous, immeasurable, and what matters most!  YOU are still the one who is beloved by God, YOU are still wonderful, and that isn’t affected by outcomes.

My wonderful friends, I’ve been around the block with God a long time, I’ve worn out many pairs of shoes on our journey together, and one thing I have learned is this;  I’ve wasted too much precious time being self-critical, self-judgmental, and the worst self, self-loathing. God wasn’t criticizing me, I was!  That’s what I learned to do from years of bad cultural conditioning that many women face. Kick that $#!%  to the curb! Kick it hard!

Offer yourself some grace and just be. Be at home with yourself, respect who you are, keep becoming the woman you aspire to be, and love every single messy, flawed, part as much as the glorious parts. God does.



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