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Britney Clark Soars in Honor of Her Grandmother

written by WeTriumph November 18, 2016

Britney Clark is a creative and focused young woman with a big heart. I found her on Instagram  and immediately recognized her intelligence and passion for elevating  women. Because I share the stories of strong women who move the world in the right direction, I asked if she would like to tell her story on We Triumph, and to my delight, she agreed.

As you read her interview, keep in mind that as mature and centered as she is, she is 25. She attributes much of her character building to her beloved grandmother Mary Alice Hooks. As she spoke about her grandmother, I felt my heart melting thinking about how my mother has influenced our daughters and me in much the same way. How many of us can give honor and credit to a formidable woman sewing love and courage into us from childhood? From those tiny seeds planted, we grow strong forests across time.

Meet Britney Clark:

Tell us about your background Britney

I was born in a town with a population of 1,900 people in Wesson, Mississippi. My childhood was filled with unconditional love, church on weekdays and weekends, and heavy involvement in extracurricular activities. I was raised to respect and love everyone. By having this ingrained in me at an early age, I have a genuine love for people in general. I went to a small high school which lead to a community college close to home. In retrospect, it was the best move I could have made before pursuing my Bachelors of Business Administration degree at Mississippi State University. I graduated in May 2014 and off to Corporate America I went expecting to fit my purpose in a job description or traditional route.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life and why?

-everything I do is to honor her.

The greatest influence in my life has been my maternal grandmother, Mary Alice Hooks. She is the mother of 6 children and worked extremely hard her to provide and support them. My twin and I moved in with her our junior year in high school to help take care of her after she received a pacemaker. She taught me about life, relationships, and hard work. She physically left the Earth April 2015. I wear her necklace everyday and everything I do is to honor her.

What life events have brought you to this moment in your story?

Every life event prepared me for this moment right now. The successes, the failures, the acceptances and the rejections. Every experience has built on the next. If I had to choose a few major events, I would say attending the Yellow Conference in Los Angeles, California this past August. The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative, entrepreneurial women who desire to use their skills, gifts, and talents to bring goodness into the world through everyday living. After attending the conference, I connected with the founder of The Glow Exchange, Saren Stiegel. Shortly after connecting, I  enrolled in a 16 Week Leadership Course creating curriculums for The Glow Effect Centre for Women and Girls in Kasaali, Uganda. I, along with five other women will travel there to Africa in January 2017 to train teachers on curriculums we have co-created.

Have you faced any trials that made you question yourself? Life? God? Fairness? How did you feel?

Absolutely. My last 3 years of college were arguably the most difficult years of my life. Losing a friend that was only 24 years old, stressed, depressed at times, and failing a class twice made me question why my journey had the challenges it did. I questioned why I couldn’t finish my college career in 4 years as initially planned. I felt like I wasn’t enough.

What got you through?

Hang in there. One day you’ll be able to tell people how you made it over.

My support system, prayer, clarity, discipline and focus. I wrote down every single thing that was a priority for the day, and I executed it. When I was tired, fatigued, or burned out I would call my mom, grandmother, or cousin Shrena. My grandmother would say, “Hang in there. One day you’ll be able to tell people how you made it over.”

Why do you champion women?

I champion women because we transcend all issues. A nation can rise no higher than it’s women. We are amazing humans who have the potential to literally do anything we commit to. We are strong, powerful, capable, and necessary to make every environment a better place to be.

What would you like to contribute to the lives of women and why?

I would like to contribute self-awareness which leads to freedom. Freedom to feel how you want to feel. Freedom to express yourself without reservation or concern about the opinions of others. Freedom to answer your life’s calling and OWN it. Because the world needs women who are walking in their purpose unapologetically, not following tradition or playing it safe.

Where would you like your story to continue? Your dream of your future?

I would like it to continue where God’s will for my life is. My dream of my future is being who God has created me to be. My personal dream could never ascend that.

Any inspiring books or quotes or people?

I love “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown. It is AMAZING!

How do you relax and have fun? Favorites things to do?

I love to read, outdoor sports, travel, and learning history.

Thank you Britney, and everyone that meets you will see that your life does honor Mary Alice Hooks. You are building on her legacy and adding your own.  Cheers and blessings on your future success and for elevating women.

For more about the Glow Exchange and how you can support Britney’s campaign, please visit http://glowexchange.org/cause/britneyclark/.

To read Britney’s blog please visit  https://britneylclark.wordpress.com/



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