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How This Businesswoman Created Her Space for Success in a Male Dominated Field

written by WeTriumph December 14, 2016

Failure is never an option and the strength of will to succeed needs to be a constant factor in any businesswoman’s mind-set.


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of glass shattering into a tiny, million pieces. Glass ceilings are crackling as women enter traditionally male dominated fields, and Nozuko Mayeza (36), a South African trailblazer wields a hefty hammer in her smart bag- and a few extra hammers for her mentees.

Navigating through the male dominated career in transportation and logistics, this female entrepreneur is breaking those ceilings and training young women how to break through too. She attributes her greatest lessons in her life to hardships that she has endured along her journey. She credits her mother, a deputy school principal raising five girls alone, for her tenacity.

Nozuko is currently the managing director of Tulsawiz Logistics (Pty) Ltd, and has her gaze firmly set on establishing herself in this arena and expanding with her successful strategies and grit. I met Nozuko online through a mutual friend who inspires us both, Mireille Toulekim, a respected leader in the Global Gas and Oil industry, and our connection was immediate. Strong women are attracted to other strong women- we like to see each other win!

Being a business savvy, strategic thinker, Nozuko thoroughly researched her industry. She realized that logistics permeate every field, and that there were opportunities waiting for someone with her skill set. Her current role spans client relations, managing diverse stakeholders, finance, and connecting with industry experts.

Nozuko was happy to share her story of rising to this pinnacle point, as well as how she overcame the expected tribulations all successful people have to endure in order to grow into their personal power. This single mother has also co-authored the recently published the book Share Your Story, and is currently writing her own book, Plan Your Walk and Walk Your Plan, launching early next year.

Nozuko, you have such a strong character and sense of self, to what do you attribute your strength?

My strength comes from my background. I was born and raised in a village where we never lacked the basic household necessities; however the environment was a limiting factor to my dreams. There was nothing happening there back then, it was a dead place so to speak, but in 1994 the end of Apartheid in South Africa marked the beginning of creating my dreams.

You are an inspiring success story today, but at what point in your life did you question yourself? Have you ever doubted yourself?

It was at a point when my business was really not doing well, I judged myself harshly about everything that went wrong. The decision to work for myself came back again but with much scrutiny this time, the more I blamed myself the more everything fell apart. I lost friends and the people that I thought would always have my back disappeared. Everything happened so quickly, I was hit by one storm after the other.

How did you deal with this crisis and how did you get back up or overcome?

Nothing else but my faith helped me to deal with it. Through faith I found myself encouraged to do some introspection, and from there I discovered that I was not entirely responsible for everything that went wrong in the business. I learned lessons from the incident and I carried on with one promise to myself- I’m going to be better than the last time, and I can proudly say that today I am.

How would you like to influence others? What is your vision for your future?

I’m very passionate about mentoring. I have a list of people that I mentor and two of them have already started their own businesses! When you look into South Africa or even Africa, we need more entrepreneurs to eradicate poverty. The main challenge becomes lack of skills in demand, funding, and basic knowledge. I provide my knowledge and experience for free and walk with the emerging entrepreneurs on their path until the start-up phase.

Some of Nozuko’s Best Tips for emerging female entrepreneurs:

  • Set clear, achievable goals
  • Network often
  • Have a will of steal, quitting is not an option
  • Find mentors- she credits hers for contributing to her success

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is THE MASTER KEY TO RICHES by Napoleon Hill.

Thank you for sharing your story and your strategies for success!

For more stories of women who have overcome barriers to create success, and who share their strategies, visit my blog http://wetriumph.net/ .



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