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Improving Your Daily Attitude with Divergent Thinking

written by WeTriumph March 21, 2016


Improving Your Daily Attitude with Divergent Thinking

Do you need to a little boost in attitude?

Maybe in your job right now you are experiencing loss of inspiration – a sense of resignation, lack of appreciation, and rote tasks have replaced creativity. A lack of drive or engagement, brain drain, or Sunday nights where your stomach is filled with those nefarious Cirque de Solei acrobats that pummel your intestines.

What if practicing creative thinking can boost our attitudes? It can. This is where Divergent Thinking benefits you.

Whether or not you are in the need of a total career or life makeover (which you may be), one thing is for certain – you likely need a “thinking” makeover. That’s right, forget Botox and non-surgical facelifts – what you really need is a divergent thinking Implant. The best news is that this transformative implant is totally scar free and costs you nothing! (You can thank me later).

Divergent thinking is the ability to look at a situation or stimulus and believe that there are many possible options or solutions to a problem. Divergent” means “developing in different directions.” In the same way, divergent thinking can open your mind in all directions. This opens up possibilities in your life because it leads you to look for options that aren’t necessarily apparent at first. A divergent thinker is looking for options, as opposed to choosing among predetermined ones. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/turning-straw-gold/201302/what-type-thinker-are-you)

Many creative, inventive people practice divergent thinking. Entrepreneurs are skilled in divergent thinking because they make connections with seemingly random information and create innovative products, new markets, and transformative ideas. Consider about Steve Jobs. Did you know that apple orchards and Japanese Aesthetics inspired his tech products? Divergent thinking enables us to pull together disparate pieces of information to come up with new possibilities, and this can improve our attitudes. With more possible outcomes to our situations, we feel less ‘stuck’. We believe light will be at the end of a tunnel because we believe there will be windows throughout the tunnel, and maybe several escape hatches as well.

So what about you? How can developing your divergent thinking improve your attitude and unleash your possibilities? Well, begin with tossing out the “All or None” thinking that Convergent Thinkers use. There are always more possibilities and options; we just have to discover them in fresh landscapes.

Divergent Thinking to Improve your Attitude:

Example: You ask for a promotion you believe you deserve and don’t get it.

Convergent thinkers say: I will quit tomorrow because this company doesn’t appreciate me at all and doesn’t deserve me! I am stuck! Let me go out in a blaze of glory and burn this bridge down! Do you hear Bon Jovi playing in the background?

Divergent thinkers say:

I didn’t get the promotion I wanted, but I asked for feedback and I’ll use it. I will look at adding skills, which may lead to an eventual promotion. I may begin looking for another position in the company, or even another organization. I can at least begin researching skills to add to my bag of tricks for the job market. Maybe I’ll discover that I am actually better suited for a different role. Maybe I’ll enjoy learning new skills and will find a hobby too.  Either way, I will make myself more valuable to an organization. I am not stuck. There are endless surprising possibilities available.

We can apply divergent thinking to every aspect of our lives. Consider fitness and health goals. Are you an extremist? Are you often “all or nothing” with your goals? If you don’t reach your weight loss goal for the week, do you resign and curse into a Krispy Krème Box and devour a Boston Crème Pie pocket of heaven (I don’t know why that came to me)? That’s convergent thinking, focused on one outcome, all or none. This is better suited for math and science; not balanced, vibrant living.

A change in attitude will change how we perceive, respond to, and process our experiences. Practice divergent thinking and you will improve your attitude. Your focus will be on possibilities from different directions, which will lead to new solutions. You’ll realize that there are infinite possibilities, just waiting for you discover them. Operating your life with an improved attitude changes everything. Start practicing your divergent thinking today!

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